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The Buddhafield and Kundalini

The Buddhafield of Satchidanand spreads its potent energy by means of powerful spiritual vibrations fromMeditation Courses The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Symbol from the Synthesis of Light the highest sources from chakras above the Crown Chakra: \The Soul, The group Soul AND higher than the Avatar of Synthesis

This Buddhafield energy spreads from the Aura of Satchidanand to imprint his Meditation Energy Enhancement Online Book, his Audio Talks, his Video Talks and also the Sacred Dances of Devi Dhyani, SEE THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR FREE EXAMPLES OF ALL THESE. Indeed the whole Meditation Energy Enhancement Video Course is imprinted with the Buddhafield as taught by Satchidanand.

Your access to the higher energies of the Buddhafield makes more possible during your meditations. The Buddhafield creates the possibility of Kundalini experiences. It, as well as the Advanced Techniques of Meditation Energy Enhancement give you more energy to Speed Up the Meditative Process.

Satchidanand does not believe he is special in any way, just lucky. He says, "I am just a another guy who has been added unto. I am just a custodian of the energies which have been given to me by the many Enlightened masters I have encountered, Roshi Hogen Daido Yamahata,  Swami Satchidananda of Yogaville, Sri Yogendra of Bombay, Sri Sathya Sai Baba,  Osho and Father Bede Griffiths,  and also into which I have been Initiated by the highest Ascended Masters of Enlightenment. Before being given energy, first you must prove yourself. Be tested and found to be true. I am just a Channel for the higher energies which expand my aura as a Buddhafield of Energy whose integrative effect is now quickening and speeding up all the spiritual practises it touches in all my students and throughout the world."

Meditation Courses The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Symbol from the Synthesis of Light- SatchidanandThe Buddhafield is just an expression of what is already happening here on this small planet. This is an amazingly auspicious time for every soul who wishes to evolve, here, now!! Incredible opportunities are available for speedy evolution. If you have ever wanted to enter into the spiritual path, to make this change in yourself, NOW is the time. Vast Spiritual energies are, for the first time in eons, being sent to this planet and more enlightened people are necessary to be trained how to handle them.

Side effects are an increase in IQ, more emotional stability, more energy, more GO!! Satchidanand has been equipped to give this training with the Meditation Energy Enhancement Course in Four Levels.

In this one encounter much can happen. All my students know this from their own psychic and spiritual experiences in the Buddhafield. The Speeding up of their Meditative processes towards Enlightenment. The spreading of the Light of Synthesis through the creation of New Nodes of Light. Growing ever stronger with the passage of time, the gaining of strength, energy and Light.

We have to be inwardly rich to give away everything. We need a large spiritual bank account. The Buddhafield is the expression of that Generosity.


 kUNDALINI and Energy Enhqancement Meditation Directors, Satchidanand and Kundalini Energy, and Devi Dhyani



Teachers of Satchidanand - Zen Master Roshi Hogen and Swami Satchidananda.
Meditation Energy Enhancement has been able to teach most people to remove their own ego energy blockages with the backup of Meditation Energy Enhancement teachers, Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani who were taught by Zen Master Hogen, who has a Zen Temple on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan, and also in Australia, and Swami Satchidananda, a student of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, and who attained his Mahasamadhi at the age of 89 in 2002.

>> Satchidanand  Stories Satchidanand Stories. After practising Zazen Meditation with Roshi Hogen Daido Yamahata for a time I began to feel him cleaning my Base Chakra every time I meditated. I was also doing Meditation Energy Enhancement techniques at that time which speeded up the meditative process. He used to wake me up early every morning and say Get out of bed, Meditate Now!! Then by accident or by Luck. And to be Spiritual, you have to be lucky. I came across Swami Satchidananda of Yogaville.

>>SATCHIDANAND, THE BUDDHAFIELD AND KUNDALINI The Buddhafield of Satchidanand spreads its potent energy by means of powerful spiritual
vibrations from the highest sources from chakras above the Crown Chakra: The Soul, The group Soul AND higher than the Avatar of Synthesis

>> Satchidanand Kundalini in Parana Satchidanand Kundalini in Parana. At the back of the room was a Yoga Teacher, A REGULAR GROUP MEMBER, who was just standing there. Upon these words.
Feeling this Energy, she raised her arms into the air and stood like that, shaking and crying for the next Half Hour. Shaking, crying. KUNDALINIED!!! It was her faith which healed her

>>SATCHIDANAND - Why Do You Excite a Strong For or Against in the People who Meet You?
"As the Buddhafield of evolutionary Energy hits the slow and more dense energy fields of others so it tends to cast out the venom, the ego energy blockages, locked into the energy fields of other people. By casting out the energy blockages, which re the cause of MPD, so it is trying to integrate them with the Soul Chakra leaving only One enlightened Soul Infused personality"

>>SATCHIDANAND - Are Gurus Necessary? In most cases, the Guru or genuinely enlightened master is the only person capable of creating a field of highly charged spiritual energy which can feed the spiritual bodies of the students. As this changes the students, so they will suffer the reactions of the energy blockages of the ego which do not want to be integrated with the soul. These Ego Energy Blockages, the cause of MPD, will try to cast the student out of the Buddhafield.

>>What is the path to evolutionary enlightenment and what are the obstacles to it? For thousands of years the path is and has been to remove the energy blockages and MPD sub-personalities of the ego usually by using the 5000 year old techniques of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which are the instruction books of Raja Yoga, one of the highest Yogas available on this planet.  

>> Kundalini and The Princess of swords of the thoth tarot. The wand of the Princess of discs stretches from heaven to earth and symbolises the Antakarana, an ancient symbol of Kundalini Yoga, which represents the tower, rainbow bridge of energy which flows through all your chakras from heaven to earth, when all energy blockages preventing that flow have been transmuted through the techniques of Energy Enhancement.

All web pages here written by Energy Enhancement Satchidanand. They are new articles, new replies to students and eventually will form a new Energy Enhancement book. Get it here first!! - Energy Enhancement

 >> The Satchidanand Buddhafield and Kundalini Meditation Energy Enhancement Director Satchidanand - The Buddhafield and Kundalini The Buddhafield of Satchidanand spreads its potent energy by means of powerful spiritual vibrations from the highest sources from chakras above the Crown Chakra: \The Soul, The group Soul AND higher than the Avatar of Synthesis

 >> The Satchidanand Kundalini Energy. In the meditation part of the experience I perceived an intense and bizarre visualisation. In the minds eye I became aware of being in a dazzling white area in which reared a most amazing "cobra-like" snake. The colours, texture and clarity of the image were intensely vivid, more so than television or cinema. Psychedelic is the term I would best use to describe the experience. 

Satchidanand Significance and Leonardo Da Vinci Meditation Energy Enhancement Satchidanand Says, When I went to the Louvre Art Gallery in Paris many years ago, I saw the picture, by Leonardo Da Vinci, of a Shepherd Boy with the Giaconda Face, with his finger pointing upwards as in the picture on the right.

The Dragon or Kundalini Snake Meditation Energy Enhancement Director Satchidanand - The Dragon or Kundalini Snake The Dragon or the Kundalini Snake are normal visual expressions of Kundalini Energy

>>Satchidanand Interviews - Energy Enhancement Meditation by Telephone




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