The third eye and psychic eye power


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The third eye and psychic eye power



Meditation Energy Enhancement SymbolFirstly, two points are to be understood. One, the energy of the third eye is really the same as that which moves in the two ordinary eyes -- the same energy. It begins to move in a new center. The third eye is already there, but non-functioning, and it cannot see unless these ordinary eyes become unseeing.

 The same energy has to move in it. When the energy is not moving in the two eyes it can move in the third, and when it moves in the third the two eyes will become unseeing. They will be there, but you won't be able to see through them. That energy that looks through them will be absent; it will move through a new center. That center is between these two eyes. It is already there, complete; any moment it can function. But it needs energy to function, and that same energy has to be diverted.

 Secondly, when you are seeing through the two eyes, you are seeing through the physical body. The third eye is not really a part of the physical body. It is part of the second body which is hidden -- the subtle body, the SUKSHMA SHARIR. It has a corresponding spot in the physical body, but it is not part of it. That is why physiology cannot believe that there exists a third eye or anything like it, because your skull can be analyzed, penetrated, x-rayed, and there is no point, no physical entity which can be said to be the third eye. The third eye is part of the subtle body, the sukshma sharir.
When you die your physical body dies, but your sukshma sharir, your subtle body, moves with you; it takes another birth. Unless the subtle body dies, you can never be freed from the circle of birth-death, rebirth-redeath. The circle moves on.

 The third eye belongs to the subtle body. When the energy is moving through the physical body, you are looking through the physical eyes. That is why through the physical eyes you cannot look at anything other than the physical, than the material. The two eyes are physical. Through these eyes you cannot look at anything, cannot see anything which is not physical.

 Only with the third eye functioning can you enter a different dimension. Now you can see things which are invisible to the physical eyes, but are visible to the subtle eyes. Then, with the third eye functioning, if you look at a person you look at his soul, at his spirit, not at his body -- just like you look at the physical body through the physical eyes, but you cannot see the soul. The same happens when you look through the third eye: you look and the body is not there, just the one who resides in the body.

 Remember these two points. Firstly, the same energy has to move. It has to be taken away from the ordinary physical eyes and allowed to move through the third eye. Secondly, the third eye is not part of the physical body. It is part of the subtle body, the second body that is within. Because it is part of the subtle body, the moment you can look through it you look at the subtle world. You are sitting here. If a ghost is sitting here you cannot see it, but if your third eye is functioning you will see the ghost, because subtle existence can be seen only through the subtle eye.

 How is the third eye related with this technique of looking? It is deeply related. Really, this technique is to open the third eye. If your two eyes stop completely, if they become non-moving, static, like stones, with no movement in these eyes, the energy stops flowing through them. If you stop them, the energy stops flowing through them. The energy flows; that is why they move. The vibration, the movement, is because of the energy. If the energy is not moving, your eyes will become just like a dead man's eyes -- stoney, dead.

 Looking at a spot, staring at it without allowing your eyes to move anywhere else, will give a staticness. Suddenly the energy which was moving through the two eyes will not be moving through these eyes. And energy has to move; energy cannot be static. Eyes can be static, but energy cannot be static. When these eyes are closed to the energy, if suddenly the doors are closed and the energy cannot move through these eyes, it tries to find a new path. And the third eye is just near, just between the two eyebrows, half an inch deep. It is just near -- the nearest point.

 If your energy is released from these eyes, the first thing that can happen is that it will move through the third eye. It is just as if water is flowing and you close one hole: it will find another -- the nearest which can be found with the least resistance. It will find it automatically; you do not have to do anything specifically. With these physical eyes, you just have to stop energy from moving through them, and then energy will find its own path and it will move through the third eye.

 This movement through the third eye transforms you into a different world. You start seeing things you have never seen, you start feeling things you have never felt, you start smelling things you have never smelled. A new world, a subtle world, starts functioning. It is already there. The eye is there; the world, the subtle world, is already there. Both are there, but not revealed.

 Once you function in that dimension, many things become apparent to you. For example, if a person is going to die, if your third eye is functioning you will become immediately aware that he is going to die. No physical analysis, no physical diagnosis can say that certainly he is going to die. At the most, we can talk about probabilities. We can say perhaps he will die, and this statement will be conditional: "If such and such remains the case, he may die; if something can be done he may not die."

 Medical diagnosis cannot yet be certain about death. Why? So much development and yet so much uncertainty about death! Really, medical science is trying to deduce death, to infer death, through physical symptoms, and death is a subtle phenomenon, not physical. It is an invisible phenomenon of a different dimension. But with the third eye functioning, you suddenly feel that a man is going to die. How do you feel it? Death has an impact. If the man is going to die, then death has already cast its shadow there, and that shadow can be felt with the third eye at any time.

 When a child is born, those who have had much deep practice using the third eye can see the time of his death that very moment. But then the shadow is very subtle. When a person is going to die in six months, then anyone whose third eye functions a little can see the death six months before it comes. The shadow darkens. Really, around you a dark shadow settles down and that can be felt, but not with these two eyes.

 With the third eye, you begin to see auras. A person comes to you; he cannot deceive you, because whatever he says is meaningless unless it corresponds to his aura. He may say he is a person who never gets angry, but the red aura will show that he is filled with anger. He cannot deceive as far as his aura is concerned, because he is completely unaware about the aura. Whatsoever he says can be judged through his aura, whether it is right or wrong. With the third eye you start seeing radiations, auras.

 In the old days, that was how someone was initiated. Unless the aura was right, the master would wait, because your wish fulfillment was not the question. You may have wanted to be initiated, but that was not enough unless your aura said that you were ready. So for years the disciple had to wait until the aura was ready; it had nothing to do with his desire to be initiated -- that is futile. Sometimes even for lives, one had to wait.

 For example, Buddha resisted the temptation to initiate women for many years. So much pressure was put upon him; still he would reject this. Ultimately he agreed to initiate women, but then he said, "Now my religion will not be alive after five hundred years; I have compromised. But because you are forcing me, I will initiate women."

 What was the reason why he would not initiate women? One basic reason was this: with man, sexual energy can be regulated very easily. A man can become a celibate very easily. With a woman's body it is difficult because menses is a regular phenomenon -- unconscious, uncontrollable, non-voluntary. Semen ejaculation can be controlled, but menses cannot be controlled. Or, if one tries to control it, then it will have very bad effects on the body.

 The moment a woman enters her period of menses, her aura changes completely: it becomes sexual, aggressive, depressed, all that is negative surrounds the woman, and this happens every month. Only because of this Buddha was not ready to initiate women. He said that it was difficult because every month the menses moves in a circle, periodically, and nothing can be done voluntarily. Something can be done, but it was difficult to do that in Buddha's time. Now it can be done.

 Mahavir completely denied any possibility of a woman being liberated from a woman's body. He said that a woman has to be born again as a man, and only then can she be liberated. So all the effort should be channelled for a woman to enter a new birth as a man. Why? It was a problem of the aura.

 If you initiate a woman, every month she will fall down and the whole effort will be lost. There was no discrimination, no evaluation about whether or not woman and man are equal; that was not the question. But for Mahavir the question was this: how to help? So he found an easier way: to help a woman to be reborn as a man. That was easier. It meant that a woman had to wait for another life, and the whole effort had to be directed toward the goal that she should be born in a male body.

 This appeared easier to Mahavir than to initiate a woman, because every month she comes back down to the original state and all effort is lost. But these two thousand years have done much. Particularly, tantra has done much.

 Tantra has found different doors, and tantra is the only system in the world which makes no differentiation between man and woman. Rather, on the contrary, it says that a woman can become easily liberated, and the reason is the same, only looked at from a different angle. Tantra says that because a woman's body is periodically regulated, she can detach herself from her body more easily than man. Because man's mind is more involved in the body, that is why he can regulate it. Man's mind is more involved in the body; that is why he can control his sex.

 Woman's mind is not so involved in the body. The body functions as an automata -- different, on a different layer, and the woman cannot do anything about it. It is like an automatic mechanism; it goes on. Tantra says that because of this woman can detach herself from her body very easily. And if this becomes possible -- this detachment, this gap -- then there is no problem.


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 So it is a very paradoxical thing: if a woman decides to be celibate and to detach herself from her body, she can maintain her purity more easily than a man. Once the detachment is there, then she can forget the body completely. Man can detach himself very easily, can control very easily, but his mind is more involved in the body. That is why he can control, but then he will have to control every day, continuously. And because feminine sex is passive, it is very easy for a woman to be relaxed about sex. Man's sex is active. It is easy for him to control it, but difficult for him to relax about it.

 So tantra has been trying to find many, many ways, and tantra is the only system which says there is no difference, that even a feminine structure can be used. So tantra is the only path which gives women equal status. Otherwise, every religion, whatsoever it may say, deep down feels that women are inferior. It may be Christianity, it may be Islam, it may be Jainism, it may be Buddhism, but deep down it feels this, and the reason is the diagnosis through the third eye, the aura -- the forming of the aura every month at the time of menses.

 With the third eye you become capable of seeing things which are there, but which cannot be seen with ordinary eyes. All the methods about looking affect the third eye, because looking means a certain energy moving outward from you toward the world. If blocked, if suddenly blocked, the energy will find another path, and the third eye is just near.

 In Tibet there were even surgical operations for the third eye. Sometimes it happens that your third eye is blocked because you have not used it for millennia. If the third eye is blocked and you stop your eyes, you will feel a certain uneasiness because the energy is there and there is no path where to move. In Tibet they devised certain operations to have the passage cleared. This can be done. And if it is not done, then many things can happen.

 Just two or three days before, one sannyasin -- she is here -- came to me. She said, "There is a very hot sensation at the third eye." And not only was there the sensation, the skin had become burned as if really someone had burned it from the outside. The sensation, the burning, was inside, but the skin was affected. It became completely burned. She was afraid -- what had happened? The feeling was pleasant, the warmth was very pleasant as if something were melting. Something was happening, but even the physical body had become affected, as if actual fire had touched it.

 The reason? The third eye had started functioning, the energy began to move in it. It had been cold for lives together; energy never moved through it. When for the first time energy moves there is the warmth. When for the first time energy moves there is the burning sensation. And because the passage has to be created and forced, it may become like fire. It is concentrated energy hammering on the third eye.

 In India we have been using sandalwood powder and other things, ghee and other things, just on the third eye spot. We call this mark a TILAK. It is put just on the third eye spot in order to give a certain coolness from the outside. So if warmth comes within and fire moves within, it should not affect the skin outside. Not only can the skin be burnt by it, sometimes even holes have appeared on the skull.

 I was reading one of the most penetrating books about one of the very deep mysteries of human existence on the earth. There have always been proposals that man came from some other star, because there seems to be no possibility that man suddenly evolved on earth. There seems to be no possibility really that man could have evolved from a baboon or a chimpanzee. And there has been no link, because if man evolved from the chimpanzee to be man, there must be links -- something that is between man and chimpanzee -- but there is no such thing. With all the available data and discoveries, we have not yet found a single body structure, a skull or anything, which we can say is a link between the chimpanzee and man.

 Evolution means steps. A chimpanzee cannot suddenly become a man -- stages must have been followed. But there is no proof, so Darwin's theory remains a hypothesis. There are no in-between links.

 So there have always been fantastic proposals that man must have appeared on the earth suddenly. A man's skull dating very far back, a hundred thousand years back, has been found. But in comparison with other skulls there is nothing lacking in it. It is the same type of skull, with the same brain, with the same structure. We have not evolved really as far as mind structure is concerned.

 So it seems man suddenly appeared on earth. He must have come from some other planet. For example, now we are traveling into space, and if we find some planet worth living upon we will populate it; then suddenly man will appear there. I was reading a book about such a proposal, and the author has been finding many things to help his hypothesis.

 There is one thing that I wanted to tell you about in connection with this matter of looking. He has found one skull in Mexico and one in Tibet. Both of these skulls have holes at the third eye spot, and the holes are such that they could only have been made by a gun bullet. The skulls are at least one-half million to one million years old. If the holes were made by an arrow, they could not be round. They are so round that they could not have been made by an arrow; only a bullet could make such holes. So that author tries to prove by this that bullets existed one million years before. Otherwise how were these two men killed?

 But really, that doesn't prove anything about bullets. Whenever the third eye is blocked completely and the energy moves suddenly, this hole can appear. The energy is just like a bullet coming from within -- just like a bullet. It is concentrated fire; it will create a hole. Those two skulls with holes show not that those men were killed by bullets, but simply that there was a third eye phenomenon. The third eye was blocked completely; energy became concentrated. The eyes were stopped completely; energy could not move, and it became fire. Then it exploded. Just so that there would not be such an accident, in Tibet they discovered and devised methods to make a hole so that the energy could move easily.

 So whenever you are trying this looking, remember this: if you feel a burning sensation, do not be afraid. But if you feel that the energy has become a great fire as if a live bullet is there and wants to penetrate the skull -- stop the method and come immediately to me. Do not do it further. If you feel as if a bullet is there and it wants to penetrate the skull, stop. Open your eyes and move them as much as you can. Immediately the sensation will drop, the energy will have moved through the eyes. And unless I say something to you do not proceed, because sometimes it has happened that the skull is broken.

 Nothing is wrong even if it happens. Even if one dies in it nothing is wrong, because one has achieved something which is beyond death. But just to be safe, stop whenever you feel that something wrong can happen -- with any method, not only with this. With any method, if you feel something wrong is possible, stop.

 In India now, many methods are being taught and many, many seekers suffer unnecessarily, because those who teach are not even aware of the dangers. And those who follow, they follow in a blind way. They do not know where they are moving or what they are doing.

 I am talking about these one hundred and twelve methods specifically because of this -- so that you become aware of all the methods, all the possibilities, the dangers, and so that you can then find out which will suit you best. Then if you proceed in any method, you will be fully aware of what can happen, what you have to be aware of, and when something happens how you have to tackle it.

 The second question:





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 Question 2


 Those who practice hypnotism, mesmerism, magnetism, or things like this, will have very tense eyes -- obviously, because they are trying to move their energy through the eyes forcibly. They are bringing their total energy near the eyes just to influence, impress or dominate someone. Their eyes will become tense because then their eyes are flooded with energy, more than they can tolerate. Their eyes will be red, tense, and if you look at them you will feel a sudden shivering: they are using their eyes in a very political way. If they look at you, they are sending their energy to dominate you. And through eyes, domination is very easy.

 This was the case with Rasputin, who dominated Russia, before Lenin, just through his eyes. He was an ordinary peasant, uneducated, but with very magnetic eyes, and he came to know how to use this. The moment he would look at you, you would forget yourself, and in that moment he could send any suggestion to you telepathically and you would follow it. That is how he dominated the Czar and the Czarina, the royal family, and through them, the whole Russia. Nothing could be done without his will.

 You can have those eyes also; it is not difficult. You have just to learn how to bring your total body energy to the eyes. They become flooded, and then, whenever you look at someone your energy starts flowing toward him. It envelopes the person, penetrates his mind, and in this flooded shock his thinking stops. And this is not a very rare thing that happens just with man, it happens all over the animal kingdom. There are many animals who will just look at their prey, and if the prey looks at them he is done for. Then the prey's eyes become fixed; he cannot move, he cannot escape.

 Hunters know this well, and hunters develop very powerful eyes because they are always in search in the darkness for animals. Their eyes become powerful. Thieves and hunters by and by gather more energy in their eyes automatically, because of their work.

 Suddenly a lion comes before a hunter, and he is without weapons and he cannot do anything. Then this is what has been done always: the hunter can stare into the eyes of the lion, and now it will depend on whether he has more magnetic eyes or the lion. If the lion is less magnetic and the hunter can bring his total energy to his eyes... And it is easy, he can do this, because when death is there one can do anything. When death is there the hunter can put his total energy at stake. If the hunter can look directly into the eyes of the lion and forget everything and just look, if he can just become the look, then the whole energy will move from his eyes and the lion will escape. He will be trembling with fear.

 Through the eyes you can cause your whole energy to flood out, but when you do that your eyes will be tense: you will not be able to sleep, you will not be able to relax. So all those who are trying to dominate others will be restless. If you look at their faces their eyes will be alive, but their faces will be dead. Look at any hypnotist: his eyes will be very much alive, but his face will be dead, because his eyes are sucking the whole energy and nothing is left anywhere else.

 Do not do this because it is useless to dominate anyone. The only useful thing is to dominate yourself. It is useless, a wastage of your energy. Nothing is achieved through it -- just an egoistic feeling that you can dominate. So this is evil, a black art. That is the difference between black magic and white magic. Black magic means using your energy, wasting it, in dominating others. White magic means using the same methods, but using your energy in dominating your own life, becoming a master of yourself.


 And remember, sometimes similarities happen... If a Buddha moves amongst you, you will be dominated by him, although he is not dominating you. He is not trying to dominate you, but you will be dominated because he is the master of himself. And he is such a master that all around him whosoever moves will become a slave. But there is no conscious effort on his part. Rather, on the contrary, he will continually insist, "Be your own master -- remember this." And this insistence is because of this knowledge.

 Buddha knows that whosoever comes around him will become a slave. He is not doing anything; he is not trying to dominate anyone, but he knows this will happen. His last dying words were, "Be a lamp unto yourself." He was dying, and Ananda asked him, just a day before his actual death, "When you will be no more, what shall we do?" He said, "It is good that I shall be no more. Then you can be your own master. Be a lamp unto yourself; forget me. It is good, because when I am no more you will be freed from my domination."

 Those who try to dominate others will try in every way to make a slave of you. That is evil, satanic. Those who become their own masters will help you to become masters, and they will try in every way to cut their influence. That can be done in many ways.


 For example, I will tell a more recent incident. Ouspensky, the chief disciple of Gurdjieff, was working under Gurdjieff for ten years. It was very difficult to work under Gurdjieff. He was a man of infinite magnetism. Whosoever would come around him would be pulled.

 With such people, either you are pulled or you become afraid and go against them, but you cannot remain indifferent. You are either for or against; you cannot be indifferent to such people. And that going against is just a safety measure. If you come around a person who is magnetic, either you will become a slave to him or, just to protect yourself, you will become an enemy, because that is a protection.

 Ouspensky came to him, stayed with him, worked with him, and there was no theoretical knowledge to be imparted. He was a man of action. He would give techniques, and one had to work. Then Ouspensky achieved a certain crystallization. He became an integrated man; he was transformed. He was not fully enlightened yet, but he was not fast asleep as we are. He was in between, just on the verge.

 When you feel that the morning is near, when you start listening to the noises which indicate morning is near, you are asleep, but not totally asleep. The sleep is just on the verge of going. You are not yet awake, you may again fall into a sleep. You are just on the surface, just near awakening.

 And when Ouspensky was just near awakening, he was thinking that now Gurdjieff will help him more because this was the moment. But suddenly Gurdjieff started behaving in such a strange way that Ouspensky had to leave. He started up in such strange ways with him, did such absurd things, contradictory, nonsensical -- on the surface -- that Ouspensky had to leave him on his own account.

 Gurdjieff never told him to leave. On his own account he left him, went against him, said that he had gone mad. He started teaching, and he always said, "I am teaching according to Gurdjieff, my teacher, but now he is mad." He would say, "According to the early Gurdjieff..." He would not talk about the later Gurdjieff.

 But the basic reason why Gurdjieff did this is deep compassion. That was the moment when Ouspensky had to be left alone; otherwise he would have become a constant dependent. The moment came when he had to be thrown out, and in such a way that he would never become aware that he had been thrown out consciously.

 Such persons like Buddha or Gurdjieff will affect you without their conscious effort and you will be pulled toward them. But they will try in every way that you are not pulled in that way: that you are not attracted hypnotically, that you are not dominated by them. And they will help to make you masters, standing on your own feet.

 Those who are trying to dominate others, their eyes will be tense, evilish. You will not feel any innocence in their eyes, you will not feel purity in their eyes. You will feel attraction, but the attraction will be like alcohol. You will feel a magnetic pull, but the pull will be not to free you but to enslave you.

 Remember, never use any energy to dominate anyone. Because of this, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, they made it a point, and they went on hammering, that the moment you enter the spiritual search, be filled with love for everyone, even for your enemy -- because if you are filled with love you will not be attracted to the inner violence which wants to dominate.

 Only love can become an antidote. Otherwise when the energy comes to you and you are overfilled with it, you will start dominating. This happens every day. I have come across many, many people... I start helping them, they will grow a little, and the moment they feel that a certain energy is coming to them they will start dominating others, they will try now to use it.

 Remember, never use spiritual energy to dominate. You are wasting your efforts. Sooner or later you will be empty again, and you will fall down suddenly. And this is pure wastage, but it is very difficult to control it because you become aware that now you can do certain things. If you touch someone who was ill and he becomes okay, how can you resist touching others now? How can you resist?

 If you cannot resist, you will waste your energy. Something has happened to you, but soon you will throw it away unnecessarily. And really, the mind is so cunning that you may be thinking that you are helping others by healing them. That may be just a cunning trick of the mind, because if you have no love, how can you be so concerned with others' diseases, their illnesses, their health? You are not concerned. Really, now this is a power. If you can heal, you can dominate them.

 You may say, "I am just helping them," but even in your help you are simply trying to dominate them. Your ego will be fulfilled. This will become a food for your ego. So all the old treatises say beware. They say beware because when the energy comes to you, you are at a dangerous point. You can waste it, you can throw it away. When you feel any energy, make it a secret; do not allow anyone to know about it.

 Jesus said, "If your right hand is doing something, do not allow the left hand to know about it." In the Sufi mystic tradition, they say when energy starts coming, do not even pray before others, do not go to a mosque with others. Why? When the energy comes and someone is praying, and there are many persons present, they will feel immediately that something is happening. So the Sufis say that then you should do your prayers deep in the night -- at midnight -- when everyone is asleep and no one can be aware of what is happening to you. Do not tell anyone what is happening to you.

 But the mind is just a chattering box. If something happens, immediately you will go and spread the good news that something has happened to you. Then you have wasted it. And if people are impressed, then all you have gained is their good opinion and nothing else. This is not a good bargain. Wait! A moment will come when your energy becomes accumulated; it reaches a point where it becomes integrated, transformed. Then things will happen around you without your doing anything. And only then can you help others to be their own masters -- when you are your own master.

 I remember one Sufi mystic, Junnaid. One day a man came to him and he said, "Junnaid, master, great master, I have come to know your inner secret. People say you have a golden secret and that you have not told it to anyone until now. I will do anything you say, but tell me the secret." Junnaid said, "I have been keeping it, hiding it, for thirty years, so how much time can you wait? You will have to go through a preparation. It is a thirty-year secret but I will tell it to you. But for how much time will you keep patient?"

 The man became afraid, scared. He said, "How long do you suggest?" Junnaid said, "At least thirty years. It is not too much, I am not asking too much."

 The man said, "Thirty years? I will think it over." Junnaid said, "Then if you come back again, I will not be ready to give it to you in thirty years. Remember, if you decide just now, then okay. Otherwise I will also have to think." So the man agreed.

 It is said that he remained for thirty years with Junnaid. Then the last day came, and he went to Junnaid and said to him, "Now communicate your secret." Junnaid said, "I will give it to you on one condition: that you will keep it a secret. You are not to tell it to anyone. This secret must die with you, unknown."

 The man said, "Why have you wasted my whole life? Thirty years I was waiting for the secret just to tell others, and now there is a condition! Then what is the use of knowing it if I cannot tell it to others? If you make this condition, then please do not tell it to me; otherwise it will haunt me, I will know something which I cannot tell to others. So be kind enough and do not tell it to me. You have wasted my thirty years. A little life is left, so let me live it relaxedly. This will be too much, knowing something without telling it to others."

 Whatsoever you gain through any spiritual method, let it remain secret. Do not go on spreading it, do not try to use it in any way. Let it remain unused, pure. Only then will it be used for inner transformation. If you use it outwardly, it is a wastage.

 The third question:

 Question 3


 Firstly, your mind and your body are not two things as far as tantra is concerned. Remember that always. Do not say, "physiological process" and "mental process." They are not two -- just two parts of one whole. Whatsoever you do physiologically affects the mind. Whatsoever you do psychologically affects the body. They are not two, they are one.

 You can say that the body is a solid state of the same energy and the mind is a liquid state of the same energy -- of the same energy! So no matter what you are doing physiologically, do not think that this is just physiological. Do not wonder how it is going to help any transformation in the mind. If you take alcohol, what happens to your mind? Alcohol is taken in the body, not in the mind, but what happens to the mind? If you take LSD, it goes into the body, not into the mind, but what happens to the mind?

 Or if you go on a fast, fasting is done by the body, but what happens to the mind? Or from the other end: if you think sexual thoughts, what happens to your body? The body is affected immediately. You think in the mind of a sex object and your body starts getting ready.

 There was a theory by William James. In the first part of this century it apparently looked very absurd, but in a sense it is right. He and another scientist named Lange proposed this theory which is known as the James-Lange theory. Ordinarily, we say you are afraid and that is why you escape and run away, or you are angry and that is why your eyes get red and you start beating your enemy.

 But James and Lange proposed quite the contrary. They said that because you run away, that is why you feel fear; and because your eyes get red and you start beating your enemy, you feel anger. It is just the opposite. They said that if this is not so, then we want to see even one instance of anger when the eyes are not red and the body is not affected and one is simply angry. Do not allow your body to be affected and try to be angry -- then you will know that you cannot be angry.

 In Japan they teach their children a very simple method of controlling anger. They say, whenever you feel angry, do not do anything with the anger, just start taking deep breaths. Try it, and you will not be able to get angry. Why? Just because you take deep breaths, why can you not get angry? It becomes impossible to get angry. Two reasons... You start taking deep breaths but anger needs a particular rhythm of breathing. Without that rhythm anger is not possible. A particular rhythm in breathing or chaotic breathing is needed for anger to be.

 If you start taking deep breaths it is impossible for the anger to come out. If you are consciously taking deep breaths, then the anger cannot express itself. It needs a different breathing which should be allowed. You need not do it; the anger will do it itself. With deep breathing you cannot be angry.

 And secondly, your mind shifts. When you feel angry and you start to take deep breaths; your mind is shifted from anger to breathing. The body is not in a state to be angry, and the mind has shifted its concentration toward something else. Then it is difficult to be angry. That is why the Japanese are the most controlled people on earth. It is just a training from childhood.

 It is difficult anywhere else to find such an incident, but in Japan it happens even today. It is happening less and less because Japan is becoming less and less Japanese. It is becoming more and more Westernized, and the traditional methods and ways are becoming lost. But it was happening, and it still happens today.

 One of my friends was there in Kyoto, and he wrote me a letter saying, "I have seen such a beautiful phenomenon today that I want to write about it to you. And when I come back, I will want to understand how it is possible. One man was struck by a car. He fell down, stood up, thanked the driver, and went away -- he thanked the driver!"

 In Japan it is not difficult. He must have taken a few deep breaths, and then it was possible. You are transformed into a different attitude, and you can thank even a person who was just going to kill you, or who has already tried to kill you.

 Physiological processes and psychological processes are not two things, they are one, and you can start from either pole to affect and change the other. And any science will do that. For example, tantra believes deeply in the body. Only philosophy is vague, airy, verbal; it may start from something else. Otherwise, any scientific approach is bound to start from the body because that is within your reach. If I talk of something which is beyond your reach, you may listen to it, you may gather it in your memory, you may talk about it, but nothing happens. You remain the same. Your information is increased, but not your being. Your knowledge goes on increasing, but your being remains the same poor mediocrity; nothing happens to it.

 Remember, the body is what is within your reach; just now you can do something with it and change your mind through the body. By and by you will become a master of the body, and then you will become a master of the mind. And when you become a master of the mind, you will change the mind by and by, and you will be moving beyond it. If the body changes, you move beyond body. If the mind changes, you move beyond mind. And always do something which you CAN do.

 For example, you may not be capable of becoming a master of anger, like a Buddha, just now. How can you? But you can change your breathing and then you can feel the subtle effect, the change. Do it. If you feel filled with passion, sexual passion, take a few deep breaths and feel the effect: the passion will have dispersed.

 Aldous Huxley's wife, Laura Huxley, has written a beautiful book -- just simple devices for doing certain things. If you feel angry, Laura Huxley says, just tighten up your face. You can tighten in such a way -- for example, in your closet -- so that no one will be able to see.

 A person is sitting just in front of you and you feel angry -- so just tighten up your face. Go on tightening it as much as you can, and then suddenly relax and feel the difference. The anger will have gone. Or if it has not gone, do it again. Go on doing it -- twice, thrice... What happens? If you tighten your face muscles and you go on tightening and tensing them, the energy that was going to become anger moves into the face.

 And it is very easy for it to move into the face. When you are angry, how do you feel? You feel you want to beat someone with your fists. The energy is there, so use it. If you can use it, it is dispersed. Your face will become relaxed, and the other person will not even be able to know that you were angry. It will appear as if nothing has happened to you. And once you know these things, you become more and more aware that energy can be transformed, diverted, checked, released, or prevented from being released, or used in a different way. If you can use your energy you become the master. Then one day you may not use it at all; you may preserve it.

 This exercise is not good for a Buddha -- to clench the fists. This is not good for a Buddha because this is wasting energy. But this is good for you. At least the other is saved from you, and a vicious circle is saved. If you get angry he will get angry, and there is no end to it. It may disturb your whole night, and it may continue as a hangover for a week. And then, because of this hangover, you may do many things you never intended to do. Do not say that this is just physiological. You are physiological, so what can be done? You are a physique; you cannot deny that fact. Use your energy. There is no need of denying it.

 If you close your eyes, sometimes you may feel a certain tension gathering there, or an uneasiness. Then there are certain things you can do. One, when you close your eyes do not become tense about it, let them be relaxed. You can close your eyes forcibly -- then you will get tense. Then your eyes will get tired and inside you will feel uneasiness. Relax the face, relax the eyes, and let them be closed. I say, let them be closed; do not close them. Relax! Feel relaxed. Drop the eyelids and let the eyes be closed. Do not force them! If you force them, that is not good.

 If you cannot feel the difference, then do this: first force them to close. Let your whole face become tense, strained, and then close your eyes forcibly. For a few moments remain strained, then relax. Then again close your eyes relaxedly. Then you will feel the difference. Do not strain to do anything -- that will tire you.

 Two, when the eyes are closed and your face is relaxed, look as if everything has become dark. A deep darkness is around you. Imagine you are amidst darkness, in a deep, velvety darkness, surrounded by it, in a deep, dark night. Go on feeling this darkness. That will help your eyes to stop their movements. With nothing to be seen, the eyes will stop. Be in darkness.

 You can do it in a dark room. Open your eyes, look at the darkness, then close them and feel the darkness. Again open your eyes, feel the darkness; close your eyes, feel it inside. Darkness is deeply relaxing. Darkness is outside and inside you; everything is dead -- dark and dead. Both are related. That is why we paint death as black, dark. All over the world death is painted as black, and people fear darkness.

 While doing this method, feel darkness, love darkness, and feel inside that you are going to die. Darkness is all around, and you are dying. The eyes will stop. You will feel that they cannot move: they will have stopped. In that stopping, suddenly the energy will go up and start hammering the third eye. When it starts hammering, you will hear it, you will feel it. A warmth will come, a fire will flow -- a liquid fire trying to find a new path.

 Do not be afraid. Help it, cooperate with it, let it move, become it. And when the third eye opens for the first time, the darkness will disappear and there will be light -- light without a source. You have seen light, but always with a source. Either it comes from the sun or from the stars or from the moon or from the lamp, but some source is there.

 When your energy moves through the third eye, you will come to know a light without source. It is not coming from any source, it is simply there, not coming from anywhere. That is why the Upanishads say that God is not like the sun or like a flame. He is sourceless light. There is no source anywhere, simply light is there, just as if it is morning.

 The sun has not arisen, but the night has disappeared. In between there is the dawn -- the pre-dawn. Or in the evening, the sun has set and the night has not yet come. Just in between there is the margin. That is why Hindus have chosen SANDHYA as a proper time for meditation. SANDHYA is the in between time -- neither night nor day, just the line that divides. Why? Just as a symbol. The light is there, but without a source. The same will happen inside, light will be there without a source. Wait for it; do not imagine it.

 The last thing to be remembered: you can imagine anything, so it is dangerous to tell you many things. You can imagine them. You will close the eyes and you will feel and imagine that now the third eye has opened or is opening, and you can imagine light also. Do not imagine; resist imagination. Close your eyes. Wait! Whatsoever comes, feel it, cooperate with it, but wait. Do not jump ahead; otherwise nothing will happen. You will be having a dream -- a beautiful, spiritual dream, but nothing else.

 People go on coming to me and they say, "We have seen this and we have seen that." But they have imagined it -- because if really they had seen, they would be transformed. But they are not transformed. They are the same persons, only now a spiritual pride is added. They have some dreams -- beautiful, spiritual dreams: someone is seeing Krishna playing on his flute, someone is seeing light, someone is seeing kundalini rising. They go on seeing things, and they remain the same -- mediocre, stupid, dull. Nothing has happened to them; they go on relating that this is happening, that is happening, but they remain the same -- angry, sad, childish, stupid. Nothing has changed.

 If you really see the light which is there waiting for you, to be seen through the third eye, you will be a different person. And then you need not tell anyone. People will come to know you are a different person. You cannot even hide it; it will be felt. Wherever you will move, others will feel that "Something has happened to this man."

 So do not imagine; wait, and let things take their own course. You do the technique, and then wait. Do not jump ahead.






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